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Teaching in dentistry

Medical Terminology is a basic module in dental education and provides the fundamentals in:

  • history and meaning of medical terminology
  • anatomical nomenclature
  • word formation

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Courses offered in dentistry

Each semester, the Institute for the History of Medicine coordinates the Medical Terminology exercise for dental students, including exam preparation and execution.

Course content

The course aims at a basic understanding of the theory and practice of medical terminology as well as the historical and cultural conditionality of knowledge and science.

In principle, conceptual thinking is to be promoted. The use of a technical language also includes its adequate use in communication and a certain sensitivity for the respective conversational situation. Therefore, the course should enable students to reflect theoretically on the appropriate use of technical language and also to practice its use reflectively. In addition, personal strategies for self-study and a constructive approach to the learning content are to be acquired.

More info and script

Accuracy in the choice of medical terminology is sometimes vital in everyday clinical practice. Correctness in the use of Latin and Greek language rules is rightly considered the hallmark of a comprehensive medical education. Being able to trace the anatomical and clinical terms used in medicine back to their linguistic origins, but also to their historical and etymological origins, also makes it easier to recognize connections and helps, for example, when learning structural designations in anatomy or understanding diagnostic terms.

In addition to the "classical" languages Latin and Greek, modern medical terminology also includes elements from English (Medical English), numerous acronyms and abbreviations or proper names, knowledge of which is particularly necessary for understanding textbook or scientific texts. Through various exercises, the practical course teaches the importance of the correct use of medical terms, but also shows the limits of their use.

Terminology script

Exam results

The announcement of the exam results will be made via HIS Charité.

Information on the issuance of certificates in 2021

For all students who have been enrolled before the winter semester 2021, the certificates will still be issued in paper form. These can be picked up at the teaching office during opening hours.
Due to the pandemic, we ask for registration by e-mail. Collection by third parties is possible upon presentation of a power of attorney.

Repeating the exam

Those who have not passed the exam or have missed it can retake it in the next semester during the final exam.

Registration by e-mail is absolutely necessary: stefanie.voth(at)

Teaching secretariat and teaching coordination

Amelie Kolandt

researcher staff

Office hours

09:00 - 11.00
13.00 - 15.00
Tuesday - Thursday:
09:00 - 11.00