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Prof. Dr. Peter Theiss-Abendroth

Visiting scientist

Charité - University Medicine Berlin
Thielallee 71
14195 Berlin

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Peter Theiss-Abendroth has been a visiting scientist at the Institute for History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine, Charité, since 2023, having previously held a professorship in psychology at Touro College Berlin. His current focus in research, teaching, and clinical work is on psychological trauma in its historical, (inter)cultural, and psychodynamic dimensions, as well as on forms of its literary representation.

Current research project

History of traumatic psychosis 1889-1980

Research focus

  •     Psychic trauma
  •     History of psychiatry in Brazil
  •     Fiction representations of mental disorders
  •     Psychoanalysis in university teaching

Vita Prof. Dr. Peter Theiss-Abendroth

Stays abroad in the USA and Brazil; study of medicine and comparative literature at the FU Berlin; medical dissertation on Scientia de anima in Scholasticism, supported by a NaFöG scholarship from the Berlin Senate; psychiatric residency and work as senior physician; Established and trained as a psychoanalyst (DGPT, DPG) at the Berlin Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis (BIPP), where he also worked as a lecturer; lecturer, supervisor and teaching therapist at the Berlin Academy for Psychotherapy (BAP); professorship in psychology at Touro College Berlin with a clinical and scientific-historical focus.