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MD Lea Münch

researcher staff

Charité – University Medicine Berlin
Thielallee 71
14195 Berlin

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Lea Münch has been working as a research associate at the Institute for History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine at Charité since 2021 and is the teaching contact for medical terminology in the Department of Dentistry. She is a member of the international commission on the medical faculty of the "Reichsuniversität" Strasbourg (1941-44). In her research, Lea Münch deals with psychiatry under National Socialism. The focus is on everyday practice and patient:inside history as well as victim biographies. She also works on the history of pediatrics and child psychiatry in the post-war period.

Current research project

The research project on the "Reichsuniversität" Strasbourg examines the academic members, students, patients, and the institutes and clinics of the various medical disciplines in the broader context of Nazi occupation policy and the postwar period. This includes the university's connections to the Natzweiler concentration camp, Nazi organizations such as the SS, and other (extra-)university institutions. Another focus is on identifying the victims of research, administrative, and medical practices and persecutions that took place at the "Reichsuniversität."

Research focus

  • Psychiatry under National Socialism
  • Contemporary history of pediatrics and child psychiatry

Selected publications

Münch, L. (2020) Zwischen Fürsorge und Forschung. Kinder und Kinderheilkunde in Berlin 1945-1965). Diss. Med. Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin.

Münch, L. (2019) Polioschluckimpfung in West-Berlin 1960. Impfversuche in Kinderheimen. Monatsschrift Kinderheilkunde.

Münch, L. (2019) „Den Opfern ihre Identität geben“. Medizinhistorikerin über NS-Verbrechen an der „Reichsuniversität Straßburg“ und die Bedeutung historischer Erkenntnis für heute. Interview TAZ 24.08.2019.

Vita MD Lea Münch

Lea Münch studied human medicine at the Charité and became a licensed physician in 2018. Subsequently, she worked in the scientific support program of the German government's foundation "Anerkennung und Hilfe" on the situation of children and adolescents in disability care and psychiatry in the FRG and GDR 1949-1990. She then moved to the Université de Strasbourg for a PhD project in history of science, which is expected to be completed in 2022. In the meantime, Lea Münch published her medical dissertation entitled „Kinder und Kinderheilkunde in Berlin. Zwischen Fürsorge und Forschung 1945-1965“ in 2020 at the Charité.