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Dr. des. Anja Suter

researcher staff

Charité – University Medicine Berlin
Thielallee 71
14195 Berlin

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Anja Suter has been working at the Institute for History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine at Charité since 2022. Here she works as a research associate in the research project "Riskante Hormone" / "Risky Hormones", which investigates the changing history of hormonal pregnancy tests in Germany and the UK in collaboration with patient:ing groups.

Since 2018, she has been researching the history of hormonal contraception and its (post-)colonial entanglements, as well as the history of local and transnational women's health movement(s).

Current project

DFG/AHRC project: "Risky Hormones" / "Risky Hormones, pregnant patients and the contested science of birth defects: the rise and fall of hormone pregnancy tests in the FRG and UK, 1950-81".

project homepage (in English):

Research focus

  • Transnational history of feminist movements
  • Politics of reproduction
  • History of medical knowledge
  • History of labor
  • (Post-)colonial history of Switzerland

Selected publications

Suter, A. (2021): Im Namen der ‘Befreiung’. Von der Rückeroberung des eigenen Körpers zum Recht auf eine selbstbestimmte Existenz in der schweizerischen Frauenbewegung, 1970‒1990, in: traverse ‒ Zeitschrift für Geschichte. [Link:]

Suter, A. (2020): «’I – We – You’: Frauengesundheitsbewegung in Indien und der Schweiz. Eine geteilte Protestgeschichte», in: Arni, Caroline, Delphine Garday, Sandro Guzzi-Heeb (Hg.): Prostest! / Protestez! [Schweizerisches Jahrbuch für Wirtschafts- und Sozialgeschichte 35] Chronos: Zürich.

Suter, A. (2020): «1980er-Jahre», in: Schmid, Denise: Jeder Frau ihre Stimme. 50 Jahre Schweizer Frauengeschichte. Hier + Jetzt: Zürich.

Suter A. (2018): «Chemie zwischen Basel und Bombay: Schweizer Verflechtungen mit dem kolonialen und nachkolonialen Indien», in: Widerspruch, 72.

Vita Dr. des. Anja Suter

From 2015-2019, Anja Suter was a research assistant at the Department of History at the University of Basel, where she started work on her dissertation with the working title " Die ‘indische Pille’ zwischen Bombay und Basel: eine (post-)koloniale Geschichte hormoneller Kontrazeptiva, 1950‒1980". In this work, she focuses on the social history of oral contraceptives that the Swiss pharmaceutical company Ciba manufactured in India and Switzerland.

As co-editor of the latest edition of " Frauengeschichte(n): Dokumente aus zwei Jahrhunderten zur Situation der Frauen in der Schweiz" she and a collective have been overseeing the website frauen*geschichte(n).ch since summer 2019, which makes a collection of sources and archives on feminist history in Switzerland available online.

Between 2001 and 2008, she studied General History, English Literature, and Social and Economic History at the Universities of Zurich and Manchester, and graduated from the University of Zurich as lic.phil/MA with a thesis on the history of the women's penal system in Switzerland.