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Laura Hottenrott

researcher staff

Charité - University Medicine Berlin
Thielallee 71
14195 Berlin

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Laura Hottenrott has been working as a research associate at the Institute for History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine at Charité since 2008 (externally funded projects), currently in the ERC project network "Taming the European Leviathan: The Legacy of Post-War Medicine and the Common Good" ( Her historical research has focused on special homes of GDR youth welfare as well as clinical drug research in the GDR. 

Current research project 

The current research project "Socialist Testing Grounds - Sex hormones, 1960-1990" traces the paths of selected hormone preparations in the RGW region (GDR, Hungary) in order to analyze comparatively the negotiation processes between the participants from the pharmaceutical industry, science, clinic, state administration, judiciary and the public from the perspective of drug regulation ("balance of power"). Based on the assumption that drug research did not form a hermetic knowledge space even in divided Europe, sex hormones are particularly suitable for examining (1) the history of entanglement (CMEA, East-West), (2) the influence of body politics on research and therapy, and (3) the liminality of medication between "therapy" and "enhancement". 

Work and research focus  

  • GDR home education 
  • DDR drug research 
  • Oral history 

Selected publications 

Hottenrott, Laura (2021) Arzneimittel und klinische Studien. In: Fangerau, H./Dreier-Horning, A/Hess, V./Laudien, K./Rotzoll, M. (Hrsg.) Leid und Unrecht. Kinder und Jugendliche in Behindertenhilfe und Psychiatrie der BRD und DDR 1949 bis 1990, Psychiatrie Verlag, Köln, 216-268. 

Hess, Volker, Hottenrott, Laura, Steinkamp, Peter (2016) Testen im Osten. Klinische  Arzneimittelforschung in der DDR, 1961‐1989, be.bra wissenschaft verlag, Berlin. 

Vita Laura Hottenrott

Laura Hottenrott studied history with minors in law and Ibero-American history at Bielefeld University (M. A. Nov. 2002). Until 2012, she conducted research at memorial sites on camps and detention centers of the Nazi and postwar periods as well as on GDR home education after '45 (including DIZ Torgau - Stiftung Sächsische Gedenkstätten, 2003-2005). She was co-curator of the permanent exhibition of the memorial site Geschlossener Jugendwerkhof Torgau, which opened in November 2009. 

Since 2008, she has worked on exhibition, contemporary witness and reappraisal projects at the Charité Medical History Institute ("Die Charité zwischen Ost und West", 2010; "Testen im Osten", 2016, "GeDenkOrt-Charité", 2017; "Leid & Unrecht in stationären Einrichtungen" 2021 ("Charité between East and West," 2010; "Testing in the East," 2016, "Memorial Charité," 2017; "Suffering & Injustice in Inpatient Facilities," 2021)).