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Dr. Axel C. Hüntelmann

researcher staff

Charité - University Medicine Berlin
Thielallee 71
14195 Berlin

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Axel C. Hüntelmann is a research associate in the project „Hirnforschung  an Instituten der Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft im Kontext nationalsozialistischer Unrechtstaten" ("Brain Research at Institutes of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society in the Context of National Socialist Injustice"). Previously, he worked on the subproject "Accounting" within the ERC research group "Ways of Writing. How Physicians Know 1550-1950" (project outline).

Current projects

Research focus

  • History of European public health institutions/bacteriological research institutions/biopolitical institutions (1850-1950)
  • Biography Paul Ehrlich
  • History of laboratory animals (1850-1950)
  • Cultural history of growth (1770-1970)
  • Medical record keeping and medical accounting (1750-1950)

Vita Dr. Axel C. Hüntelmann


2014 Project assistant at the Institute for the History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine at the Charité in Berlin

2011-2014 Staff member of the Institute for History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz, Germany
2008-2011 Postdoc/staff member at the Bielefeld Graduate School in History and Sociology
2007 Dissertation on the Imperial Health Office in the German Empire and the Weimar Republic (publication by Wallstein-Verlag 2008)
2007-2008 Research associate at the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine at the University of Frankfurt (biography project Paul Ehrlich, publication by Wallstein-Verlag 2011)
2004-2008 Research associate at the Institutes for the History of Medicine at the Charité in Berlin and at the Ruprecht-Karls-University Heidelberg with the research focus on production and state regulation of vaccines and sera in a German-French comparison
1999-2005 Student assistant and after 2003 on honorary basis collaborator on the research project of the MPG Presidential Commission: History of the Kaiser Wilhelm Society under National Socialism (editing of publication series)