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Dr. Annett Wienmeister

researcher staff

Charité - University Medicine Berlin
Thiellee 71
14195 Berlin

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Annett Wienmeister joined the Institute for the History of Medicine and Ethics in Medicine as a research associate in August 2022, where she teaches courses in medical ethics and medical history. In her research, she deals with the ethical implications of genome editing in humans and with questions of ethics didactics, with a special focus on the conception and implementation of digital teaching-learning formats. She is a research officer of the Institute and is taking the certificate "Ethics Counseling in Health Care" (K1 according to AEM). In addition, she is involved in clinical ethics consultation working groups. In her previous research, Annett Wienmeister has investigated the relationship between conceptual thinking and sensory perception from an epistemological perspective; a historical focus of her work is on the philosophy of Immanuel Kant.

Work and research interests

  • Ethics of genome editing in humans
  • Didactics of philosophy and ethics
  • Digital teaching in school and university education
  • Historical: Immanuel Kant


Co-chair of the focus group „Didaktik und Digitalität“ ("Didactics and Digitality") of the working group „Philosophie der Digitalität“ ("Philosophy of Digitality") of the German Society for Philosophy (

Member of the scientific network "Argumentieren in der Schule" (

Member of the working group "Ethics in Vocational Education and Training"

Member of the Animal Experimentation Commission, Berlin State Office for Health and Social Affairs (Ethics Division)

Selected publications

Wienmeister, A. (2022) „Rereading Habermas in times of CRISPR-Cas: A Critique of and an alternative to the instrumentalist interpretation of the human nature argument“, in: Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 19 (4), 2022, 545–556. (open access:

Wienmeister, A. (2021) „Argumentative Skills: A systematic framework for Teaching and Learning“, gemeinsam mit Anne Burkard, Henning Franzen, David Löwenstein und Donata Romizi, in: Journal of Didactics of Philosophy 5 (2), 63–100 (open access:

Wienmeister, A. (2021) Digitale Lehr-Lerngelegenheit: „Ethische und gesellschaftliche Implikationen des Genome Editing am Menschen“, gemeinsam mit Sebastian Brodkorb und Julia Dietrich (